Only trust the best medical oxygen cylinder for your loved ones at home.
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Oxygen Concentrator

Nidek Nuvo Lite Mark 5

We supply oxygen concentrators for those requiring extended hours of usage from the comforts of home.


Our oxygen concentrator eliminates the inconvenience of having to replace or refill oxygen cylinders constantly.


With a flowrate of up to 5LPM*, our oxygen concentrator is able to supply a continuous flow of oxygen at a constant rate, delivering approximately 90% oxygen purity, in par with industry-standards.

Why Choose Our Oxygen Concentrator?


Quiet Operation

Averaging at a low sound level of 40dBA


Up to 5LPM Flowrate

Flowrate ranging from 0.125LPM to 5LPM


High O2 Concentration

High oxygen concentration at approximately 90%



Simple and effectively designed for easy usage


Manufactured in the US

Quality assured by industry experts


Delivery To Your Doorstep

Our Oxygen Expert delivers and assists you


5000RMper unit
  • Oxygen Concentrator

    • Ideal for those requiring round-the-clock supply of oxygen


    • Up to 5LPM of oxygen at approximately 90% purity*


400RMper month
  • Oxygen Concentrator (Rental)

    • Refundable deposit of RM800


    • Delivered to your doorstep


Chat with us below, or call our hotline 1300 22 8822
(+603 27243828 from overseas) to find our more


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