Medical Oxygen for the Home | Everyone can breath
Only trust the best medical oxygen cylinder for your loved ones at home.
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Delivered to your home.
Now available in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor.
1300 22 88 22

Why choose us?

Here are some of the reasons for choosing our oxygen


Linde is a global leader in medical oxygen.

 Direct Delivery

On demand delivery to your home whenever you need it.


We offer affordable and transparent pricing.

CARE Concierge

Provides home care and medical oxygen training from our trained nurses.

How does it work ?

Let us guide you through the process of choosing the right oxygen package.

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Call 1300-22-8822

Tell us the patient’s health condition. If you know the flowmeter rate, tell us.


We recommend the right setup for your home.


We deliver to your home within Klang Valley Check the map for delivery charges.

When we arrive

We assist with setting up medical oxygen in your home with our registered nurses (RN).

Why choose our Linde tanks ?

Key features for renting Linde Medical Oxygen tanks.


Oxygen Purity 99.99%

Our tanks are certified medical grade with 99.99% purity. In comparison,  a Concentrator has lower purity as it filters the oxygen from the surrounding environment.



Our tanks are highly portable and comes with a trolley. These tanks are complementary to the concentrators as they can function without electricity (for travel) and at the same time helps to reduce the machine overheating.


Hassle Free Delivery

Our rental scheme is simple and hassle free. No need to purchase a tank and stress over finding ways to refill it: we can swap and deliver new tanks at your convenience.



If the flowrate is more than 5 L/min, then a medical Oxygen cylinder is required. Usually the flowrate last from 1.0 to 15.0 L/min. We can assist you to calculate how long the oxygen tanks can last.


Maintenance Free

No need to worry about maintenance when you need  a new fresh supply, we just come and swap with a new supply. Our professional team will help guide, train on how to use the oxygen tanks.


Quality Assurance

Linde is a world leader in oxygen gas production. All our tanks have to pass stringent quality and performance standards (German engineered) to be certified medical grade.

Customer reviews

Linde Medical Oxygen Packages

Choose the perfect package for you

130RMper tank (per month)
  • Linde Medical Oxygen
  • Oxygen Tank LIV-E

  • LIV-E tank an ideal lightweight, portable & easy to use solution.
    • 1 Portable medical oxygen cylinder (700 litres)
    • Built in Regulator and Flowmeter.
    • Light and easy to carry and easy to use.
120RMper tank (per month)
  • Linde Medical Oxygen
  • Medical O2 101-F

  • F tank is suitable for medium usage of oxygen and is portable.
    • 101-F (1,400 litre) medical grade oxygen cylinder.
    • Comes with trolley & nasal cannula.
    • Requires a regulator, flowmeter & humidifer.
180RMper tank (per month)
  • Linde Medical Oxygen
  • Medical O2 101-J

  • J tank has a large volume and suitable for more regular usage.
    • 101-J (8,400 litre) medical oxygen cylinder.
    • Large tank and oxygen volume (approx 70 kg).
    • Oxygen can last approx 6 times longer than a F tank.

Now available in Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley. Download the app today.